Israel: National plan to reduce 80% GHG emissions by 2050

The Ministry of Energy of Israel recently announced a National Plan to reduce 80% of Greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as compared to that of 2015.

About the plan

  • The plan aims to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2025.
  • It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector by 75% to 85% by 2050.
  • It will increase the production of renewable energy in the country.
  • The plan is to be implemented through development of innovative technologies, transition to electric vehicles, changes in energy usage in households and also through improvements in power grid.
Israel: National plan to reduce 80% GHG emissions by 2050
Israel: National plan to reduce 80% GHG emissions by 2050

What is the plan?

  • The plan will aim to make 25% of buses and vehicles in the country to be zero-emission by 2030 as compared to that of the current level.
  • Also, it will work in reducing 10% of the heavy trucks, especially those trucks weighing less than 3.5 tonnes to be zero emission by 2030.
  • It will direct homes and businesses to adopt public transportation hubs and will create sustainable and walkable communities.
  • The downtown areas are to be closed for cars. Only those vehicles that do not pollute are to be allowed in these regions.
  • The country is to move towards solar and hydrogen energy to achieve the targets.


  • The plan is expected to decrease the distances travelled in cars and heavy trucks. Also, the sustainable methods of travel are to increase to 50% in 2030 and 70% in 2050 as compared to 37% in 2018.
  • Around 25% of new apartment buildings are expected to become green energy buildings.
  • The plan will reduce 47% of methane emissions from landfill by 2030 and 92% by 2050.
  • It will reduce the waste reaching landfill to 20% in 2030 and 5% in 2050 as compared to 78% in 2018.


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